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"Each of Dr. Jackson's 10 Essentials are not only essential but empowering."

Principal Baruti Kafele



The principalship is a complex leadership role with many moving parts. This text, written by an effective, results-driven professional will help seasoned, novice, and aspiring school leaders to meet the challenges associated with leading authentic, enduring change on the behalf of children and families. I know firsthand what impact Dr. Jackson's ideas have on student achievement and school improvement. I have witnessed his ideas permeate practice and expeditiously transform teaching, learning, assessment, culture, and operations. To that end, I recommend this text with confidence and without pause. 

Donyall D. Dickey, Ed.D. 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Educational Epiphany Lead Author 

Scholastic Literacy K-6 


"Dr. Jackson has provided a set of daily reflections and behaviors that are essential for any good leader, especially a school leader.  This book provides leaders a reminder about what really matters in an era where there are distractions everywhere.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a self-reflective life-long learner."

Dr. Anthony Muhamad

Author and Educational Consultant

Thanks so much for sharing. I endorse the 10 daily essentials. I endorse anything you do because everything you do, you do with EXCELLENCE. I used your 10 Daily essentials for principals. These 10 essential things have made a BIG difference in my ability to effectively leading my faculty, staff, students, parents, and community. Your mentorship has been very key to my success as a building level leader. The COLA-H model you shared with me really established a very strong foundation for me to build upon. Year 4 and I'm still using the COLA=H model with great success as well as the 10-Daily Essential. You are one of the best leaders I know, and I will continue to follow you path of growth.

Dr. Eric Holland

Principal Rome High School


"During my career as a successful principal and executive director, I learned how important it was to inspire others to achieve more than they envisioned and become more effective than they imagined possible. Dr. Marcus Jackson’s ground-breaking book, 10 Daily Essentials for Principals, offers school leaders the road map for effectively navigating and balancing the demanding roles they face daily. As a successful and highly effective leader at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, Dr. Jackson’s proven leadership and insight provide actionable advice and a practical guide for successfully leading schools. The inspirational stories of his influential leadership in action provide the backdrop for successful application of these daily essentials. Dr. Jackson’s quotes throughout the book serve as thought-provoking reflection tools and reaffirm the mindset effective leaders must possess. 10 Daily Essentials for Principals teaches leaders how to enhance their effectiveness, spread their influence, and increase their impact daily. This book also reminds school leaders to face each new day with enthusiasm, excitement, and energy so as to serve as an inspiration to those they so fortunately lead. If you're ready to take your leadership, your school, and your life to the next level, I highly recommend this book." 

Merlyna Valentine, M.Ed.

Retired Principal and Executive Director

National Speaker and Consultant 


“Many think low-performing schools can’t be changed, but Dr. Marcus Jackson has achieved remarkable results leading at every level.  For educational leaders who are serious about transforming some of the most challenging schools, Dr. Marcus Jackson’s 10 Daily Essentials for Principals is a must-read!”

Dr. Chike Akua

Professor of Educational Leadership

Clark Atlanta University


Dr. Marcus Jackson’s, 10 Daily Essentials for Principals is one book that is necessary to ensure all administrators are guided through the ups and downs of the task of being effective daily. I as a first-year principal needed small vital key points that could make major differences required to alter not only my skills as a novice principal but, present immediate actions needed to change the culture and climate of my school. These 10 essentials provide junctures intended to bring forth a of sense of urgency that focused on positiveness and productiveness using strategies that became my normal workflow and lifestyle. I quickly realized that I, as the school leader, set the bar when it came to everything within our school. I am thankful to Dr. Jackson and the 10 Daily Essentials that maximized my potential to provide a harmonious and all-around balanced learning environment where teachers could develop professionally, and students can blossom.

Erica Guillory

Principal Ralph Wilson Elementary            

Endorsements of "10 Essentials"

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