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The Principal

“The school takes on the personality of their principal. If the principal is mean, the staff will be mean to one another and the kids, and the kids will be mean to one another. If the principal is full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm, the teachers will be energized to teach and the students will be excited about learning. The principal can either extinguish a flame of positivity or ignite a flame of hope. The principal is responsible for the culture and mood of their school.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson


If You’re the Leader

“If you’re the leader and everyone is agreeing with you all the time, that’s a problem. If everyone is disagreeing with you all the time, that’s a problem, as well. However, if the leader has created an environment where the staff can look at him or her and say they don’t agree, and point out where the leader is right or wrong, and everyone is valued… that’s a recipe for success.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson


I Believe

“I believe all students are salvageable provided the right school, right systems, right principal, right teachers, and the right support.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson

A Great School

“Great parents always remember that schools are complex learning organizations that require an abundance of support from parents, the community, and stakeholders.

Great principals always remember the trials and tribulations of being a teacher.

Great teachers always remember the struggles and challenges of being a student.

In order for a school to be great, these three components must be present.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson

As a Principal

“As a principal, your expectations, goals, and aspirations for your teachers, students, and staff should be so high, many will think you’re insane.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson

When the Light Illuminate

“There’s nothing more gratifying to an educator than witnessing the light illuminate... that moment when the student gets it, the teacher sees it, and the growth begins.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson

One Day at a Time

“Life should be taken one day at a time. Once the day is over, you should reflect, press the reset button, move on, and prepare for the next day.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson


“As a principal, one of the most important things your staff can witness you do is picking up a piece of paper, washing a table, or assisting with trash.”

~Dr. Marcus Jackson

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