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Dr. Marcus Jackson is in his 18th year as an educator. He has served as a teacher, assistant principal, and administrator in elementary, middle, high school, and college professor. His passion for teaching and learning coupled with a vision for developing a community of leaders has procured a culture of excellence and high standards for learning amid a positive school culture for students and staff.

He received his Bachelors in Management, Bachelors in Education in Elementary Education, Masters in Educational Supervision and Administration, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Supervision.

He has written several articles for a variety of publications and is also an author of the books entitled “Because My Teacher Said I Can” and “School and Life Living in the Middle”. He has received several awards for his leadership including Pinnacle Exemplar Leadership Award, Community Outreach Award, Principal of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Early Leader in Education Award, and many more. He believes in the power of collaboration, continuous learning, hard work, celebrating progress, and ensuring that each and every child receives a

world class education.

Years of Proven Results

Director of Curriculum and Instruction - 14 Low Performing Schools (Ten elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools)

  • Two high schools were removed from the Louisiana Department of Education’s Critical Intervention Required list 

  • Reading scores increased by 8%, math scores increased by 6% 

  • Science scores improved by 8% 

  • Social studies scores increased by 11% 

  • Suspension rate decreased by 28%

Principal – High School (Priority School – Lowest 5%)  

  • School was removed from the state takeover list 

  • Writing scores increased by 6% 

  • Coordinated algebra scores increased by 27% 

  • Analytic geometry scores increased by 23% 

  • 9th grade students reading level increased by two grade levels 

  • Student quarterly failure rate decreased by 12% 

  • ACT scores increased by 5pts (14 in 2014 to 19 in 2015) 

  • Suspension rate decreased by 7% 

  • 100% of seniors graduated on time

  • Implemented a successful male mentoring program 

  • Responsible for 323 students 

  • 34 faculty and staff members

Principal - Middle School

  • School was recognized as a Title I Rewards School (Highest Progress) two years consecutively

  • School received a 5 Star Rating for School Climate 

  • Writing scores increased by 9% 

  • 100% proficiency on end of the year physical science exam (80% of students exceeded standards) 

  • Reading scores increased by 3% 

  • Language arts scores increased by 2% 

  • Mathematics scores increased by 13%

  • Science scores increased by 11.5%

  • Social studies scores increased by 16.5%

  • Implemented a successful male mentoring program 

  • Responsible for 868 students

  • 79 faculty and staff members.

Principal – Elementary School (Focus School - Lowest 10%)  

  • Reading scores increased by 32%

  • Math scores increased by 17% 

  • Students reading on grade level increased by 42% 

  • Science scores improved by 21% 

  • Social studies scores increased by 19% 

  • Student quarterly failure rate decreased by 38% 

  • Suspension rate decreased by 78% 

  • Responsible for 479 students

  • 62 faculty and staff members.

About Marcus Jackson

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